Cartomancy Decks

by Enchants Earth

This is a playing card deck for fortune telling. Although, you could play games with it as well. You may just end up with more players than you expect. The Spirit Mist Deck is a channel to the voices of the ancestors and the dead.
The pips for the Hearts and Clubs are based on human skulls, Diamonds are animals and Spades are birds. Make of that what, or whom, you will.
In addition to the usual meanings of playing cards, each card features a unique manifestation of spirit in the spectral mist that floats and curls between this world and the next. Pay attention to this, especially in a tableau. The mist draws links between the cards. It can show where events or energy flow to or from. It can show what the Courts are paying attention to or what they cannot see.
Call on your ancestors when you use this deck. Ask them to speak truth to you through the mists of spirit.

The Spirit Mist Tarot Deck

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