Cartomancy Decks

by Enchants Earth

This is a playing card deck for fortune telling. Although, you could play games with it as well. The Spirit Mist Deck is a channel to the voices of the ancestors and the dead.
The pips for the Hearts and Clubs are based on human skulls, Diamonds are animals and Spades are birds. Make of that what, or whom, you will.
In addition to the usual meanings of playing cards, each card features a unique manifestation of spirit in the spectral mist that floats and curls between this world and the next. Pay attention to this, especially in a tableau. The mist draws links between the cards. It can show where events or energy flow to or from. It can show what the Courts are paying attention to or what they cannot see.
Call on your ancestors when you use this deck. Ask them to speak truth to you through the mists of spirit.

The Spirit Mist Tarot Deck

The mists of the spirit world form the images of these tarot cards. Animals, ancestors, spirits and objects merge and blend to form versions of the traditional images. Look closely and see what hidden messages come to the fore in your readings.
Most of the images are mirrored, balancing the material with the spiritual. A few key cards are not—whether these cards sit wholly in this world or the next depends on the reading. Look to the cards around them.
The major arcana are the most complex images, combining many colours. This shows their power and significance. They influence all aspects of life at once.
The minor arcana each have their own colour based on the nature of the suit. The fiery red swords are shaped with passion and will in the heat of the forge. The verdant green staves spring from the earth and are gathered with patience and hard work. The bright golden coins are kept close and traded with cunning and diplomacy. The sweet blue cups overflow like fountains bringing joy and love.
The court cards are skulls, some human, some not. All are persons. The pages, as heralds, speak the messages of their suits. The knights are the swift and strong steeds of their kind. The queens are subtle and hold many secrets. The kings display their power for all to see.
The Spirit Mist Tarot does not part the veil. It asks you to look at it instead and see what messages the veil itself can tell.

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